Monday, July 13, 2009

I Just Love ~ Love ~ Love ~ Quotes!!!!!!

And soo...., I think quotes are going to be a big part of my blog!

I love the one I just posted "The Perfect Day". Although, this morning I find myself quite jealous of my photo buddies who are out shooting in Vancouver! I received some images and just wish I were there with them. Along with the outrageous images was an email where one remarked to the other: "I thought I heard Pam and one of her "ooooowweeeeee's" in the lavender fields." (That's my usual sound of excitement, seeing something wonderful through my viewfinder...I just can't help it!!Let's hope I get permission to share some of those images with you. If I do, I'll update you asap. To my friends out there in Vancouver having a ball without me, (boohoo), I do love you, miss you and wish you all "The Most Perfect Day!"

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