Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Friend Alice....Dr. Alice, that is..

I met this lovely lady 20 years ago. She's always been a modest, caring sole, who seems to never complain. Alice's husband of 30 plus years passed away before I met her. I've met and spent time with her nephews and her niece when they come to visit from out-of-state.

I really didn't know much about Alice. I knew she had been a Doctor with the Health Depatment up North. She seems to keep the fact that she was a doctor to herself now that's she's retired. I knew, but I don't think many others did. Before retiring in 1983, Alice served in various Governmental agencies for 25 plus years. Her last position was the Director of Health in Manchester, CT 1973-1983.

Last November Alice celebrated her 89th birthday. She later asked if I'd take home a stack of birthday cards to reply to. She also asked that I make a holiday card to send out to those on the list she provided. I took notes on each person I would be writing in order to personalize the cards a bit. I came upon one and asked about the relation, friend, family? Alice handed me an article to read..I read it once, then a second time...outloud.

Mind you, I always knew there was something special about Alice and here was a huge piece of the puzzle! I was so touched by the article written by the lady I was replying to, I began to well up with tears.) Here's a bit of the story....

It seems Janice Nichols lost her twin brother to polio at the age of 6. Jan also had polio, but would survive. She has dedicated most of her life to the goal of worldwide polio eradication. Her book Twin Voices tells the story of polio, the disease, and the story of one family’s bout with the killer, in multiple “voices.”
Janice speaks of being fortunate enough to locate the medical resident (Dr. Alice (Jaros) Turek) who signed her 6 yr old twin brother, Frankie’s death certificate. The personal relationship that she and her family has developed since locating and connecting with Alice Turek, has been a joy to all! Janice and her family send the most beautiful floral arrangements on Alice's birthday and holidays!

Upon receiving my thank you card (from Alice)~ one of my photo note cards, with logo on back mentioning I could turn a favorite photo into art~, Janice contacted me and asked if I'd make a "special" painting for Alice last Easter....and so, this is how this painting came about.....!

The other photo shows Alice and I celebrating Alice's combined Thanksgiving & Birthday Dinner in her dining room. She lives a few blocks away from me and whenever I'm driving in that direction, I like to drop in and give her a hug, kiss and a quick back rub!