Monday, November 8, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around....

What a great birthday present I received....Just being in Boston with my daughter Nancy, her husband Kris, and the three girls (Lily, Nina and Abby) was such fun!  I hadn't seen them in quite sometime, so it was really a treat!  Besides a cat, and a hermit crab living with the kids, Nina decided she wanted chickens. So now there are 6 chickens, and an Angora Bunny Rabbit.  Hazelnut resides in a cage in the family room! It was a great visit, too short, but fun.  Taking Lily on a mystery drive with our cameras was fun.  Usually we do a mystery walk with the cameras, but this time she and I snuck off for about an hour to see what we could find and photograph.  My sister and daughter took me for lunch on my birthday.  Just started to eat my lunch... I look up and there's my neighbor of 19 years who I just adore.  Margi drove up from Long Island to spend the day with us!  What a wonderful surprise...I was just thrilled!!!  Margi was 11 when we moved into the house.  Margi started babysitting for the kids and I don't know what I would have done without her!!!  I'd be working and either she or her mom would watch the kids till I got home from work.  Soon after Margi got married she and her hubby and baby Matthew moved back into her mom's house.  My son Andrew was babysitting for her children!  Soo, there you go.  What Goes Around Comes Around.... Thanks Margi for always showing up at the right time.....We all love you!

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