Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Never Knows What is Around the Corner!

Awaiting us in Treviso, Italy ~  I was invited to stay with dear friends and neighbors in a farmhouse they rented for ten days.  It was located outside Padova, Italy, an hour from Venice. Each day they'd map out a route with a few towns to explore. What fun we had! Arriving in the town of Treviso, I was so excited to see these plastic statues all over the place! Blue penguins placed in balconies, Pink and Green Bears standing in the street, some waiting patiently to be placed. Pink Dolphins were being strung across the narrow width of the Street throughout the whole block! It was just another great find, especially for me, the obsessed "just one more shot" photographer!
~Later that night there was to be a Fundraiser to benefit a local Children's Hospital in the Street!
~What fun, what marvelous finds with favorite friends!
~What more could I ask for when in Italy...a visit with the Pope...only kidding...I doubt that would happen...


  1. Sounds like a delightful trip. Love your top photo too!

  2. Diane ~ Thanks soo much for your comment!